Monday, January 2, 2017

From My Brown Eyed View 01/02/2017

My plans to relaunch had to put on hold. Originally I was not happy about the delay. However, my physical health demanded that I honor what my body declared was on point for its well-being.

I had no idea that it would take almost three months to adjust to the medication that has been prescribed to help ease the discomfort associated with RA. 

Now that the adjustment period has smoothed out, I am ready to get back on track. 

Now that the adjustment period has smoothed out, I am ready to get back on track.

One of the areas of my body that is affected by this disease is my hands. After going through an examination and x-rays, my physician determined that my joints were showing signs of swelling and inflammation. I was not experiencing any pain nor did I notice any swelling.  But the x-rays revealed that the potential to have problems in this area was real. 

My Rheumatologist surprised me with an additional diagnosis. I have Hepatitis C. This was discovered after the lab returned the results of my blood work. 

This was a total surprise to me. I have no clue about how long this virus has been inside of my body. The treatment process for Hepatitis C has begun. It is a series of steps that I have to go through. 

In February, my liver has to be screened. After the ultrasound is conducted, I am going to have to meet with a pharmacist that specializes in Hepatitis C medication dosage and other drug interactions. 

After I met with the pharmacist, the actual dosage and treatment time will be set up. This can last anywhere from eight weeks to twenty-four weeks. There is a four month period afterward that must pass before it can be determined if I am cured or not.

I was really bummed out by this latest diagnosis. One of the points that my Rheumatologist and Primary Care Provider stressed was not to spend time trying to figure out when I contracted the virus. There is no way to know when that occurred. The focal point now is on treatment.

The best news that I have received regarding this latest development is the fact that this disease is curable. From the information that I have received regarding Hepatitis C, Boomers are the group that may be infected without any knowledge that this has happened. There is nothing in my recent blood work up that indicates my liver is not functioning properly.  My physicians take this as a good sign. 

Receiving treatment for Hepatitis C may also provide me with some relief from my RA. Hepatitis C mimics the symptoms of RA. I will have to wait to see if the pain that I experience is reduced once the treatment has been completed. 

If you are a Boomer age adult, I would suggest that you request a test for Hepatitis C. It is currently not included as a normal part of blood tests. However, since this is a health issue that has been consented to our generation it is a good precautionary move. The virus can cause serious damage to your liver including cancer or cirrhosis. 

You can learn more about Hepatitis C by visiting the CDC web page here.

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