Monday, July 4, 2016

Free Service for Missing Adults with Alzheimer's or Dementia

I wanted to share a service that is available to caregivers and families who have members with Alzheimer's or Dementia that is free. 

Missing Senior Network provides a service that will send out an alert if an adult with Alzheimer's or dementia manages to wander off and no one is able to locate that individual. 

There is a sign up requirement along with a request for information about your network. In return for taking the time to fill out the information you would be able to activate an alert to people on that list in the event that your loved one is missing. Your network will also be able to contact you in the event that your loved one is seen or found.

This is a sample of how the message would be for a missing person. 
from the MIssing Seniors Network

As the only adult child of my mother I have found that it was necessary to provide her with an in house alert system after she took a fall outside of her home. She was unable to upright herself for almost thirty minutes. Her neighbor did not hear her cries for help because he was using yard equipment. My mom was not seriously injured this time but this fall made me realize that she needed to have a way to contact help in the event that she could not access her phone.

Needless to say that this incident shook both of us up. It made her realize that even though she is still capable of being independent she cannot assume that she will be able to provide herself with assistance in the event that something happens. It also made me realize that I needed to provide her with a tool to help her remain at home. 

No one wants to see their elderly relatives injured or missing. We have the opportunity to be proactive in helping them by signing up for services that focus on emergency care for free or a minimal cost. 

You can sign up for Missing Seniors Network Here.

Are there other free missing senior alert systems that you are aware of? Please share that information in the comments section.

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