Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Today MBEV 2.0 is joining in a mass online protest against the NSA's Mass Surveillance of American citizens. 

Unless you have made a real effort to block out the news about how the NSA has conducted massive information gathering on American citizens, you know that our right to privacy has been totally disregarded. 

I am a member of a generation who knows very well how the government can and will use information that it collects on private citizens in ways that can destroy lives. Does the word Cointelpro mean anything to you? If not take a moment to Google it and see how information gathering has been used in the past against citizens that the government deemed to be dangerous because they refused to sit back quietly and take unjust or inhumane treatment without fighting back.

Today you have an opportunity to let the NSA know that we are not going to sit back quietly while millions of pieces of information is being gathered on American citizens.  

There is a banner on my blog today that will help you to connect with your Congressional representatives so you can let them know that we are not willing to continue to allow the NSA to have unfettered access to our private information.

If you are interesting in learning more about The Day We Fight Back here is the link that will provide you with information. The Day We Fight Back.org

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