Thursday, July 6, 2017

This is for all the people who voted for health reform to occur and are finally realizing that your entitlement is not secure

Dear Conservative Voter,

I have watched you give interviews to the media about the distress you are in over possibly losing access to health care coverage. You share your individual physical health problems and how having access to adequate health care services has helped to improve your life.

You openly admit that the idea of being excluded from access was not the health care reform plan that you were expecting to see coming from out of Congress. Then you end the interview with a plea not to end your coverage.

I openly admit that your whining has made me angry.  I have chided your emotional pleas to continue your coverage. Your lack of self-consideration is how we ended up confronting this situation. You seem to think that your condition entitles you to special consideration. As you are learning, it does not matter.

What have you been paying attention to for the past eight years regarding health care coverage? It has been a non-stop effort to repeal the American Care Act. The elimination of the program was and continues to be the intention of the GOP. 

Did you have a vision that excluded everyone that you deem to be a drain on the system? That would be all of the other people who live just to leech off of the government's funds. Not Americans like you. You have worked hard and asked for nothing. You pride yourself on being independent and self-sufficient. You do not mind working for what you have in life. 

You were also among the millions of citizens who were uninsured. Not having access to adequate health care was a situation that you had to live through. Gaining access to medical services has helped to improve your life. In many cases, your internal problems require long-term outpatient care. 

Now that it is possible that your coverage will be eliminated, you are standing before the people of this nation begging that your benefits remain intact. Expressing surprise and disbelief that the proposed reform will exclude you. Even though you admit voting for the door to be opened to this situation, you really do not want to have the experience of being without a benefit that adds value to your life. 

I should have empathy for your situation. We actually have this aspect of wellness in common. I have a chronic health problem. It requires support from a medical team to help me to live well in spite of my health status. The idea that my access may be totally altered due to upcoming changes in legislation is worrisome. The fact that you voted to have this happened just pisses me straight off. 

If I lose my current coverage under Medicaid, I will still have to access to adequate health care. Disrupting my current coverage can possibly cause me to have to reorganize my entire medical support system.  I cannot withdraw from the medical community at this point in time. I need the services of that collective. Do you get my point? This is the common bond between us. You are going to have to do the same work for yourself. 

Thanks to you, we are all facing an impending crisis. No matter what decisions are finally placed into the repeal and reform acts regarding health care, there is going to be a human need crisis in this nation. There are going to be segments of the population that will be denied access to health services. 

Voting against your self-interests is a difficult concept for me to embrace. I supported establishing access to health care because I needed to have it, and I also recognized that there were a lot of people who needed the same thing. It is a benefit that is universal for human life. We all need medical care from conception up until the end of our lives.

The sudden realization that having access to health care is a benefit that you want to keep is of no comfort to me. If you had given the matter some honest attention prior to the election, we might not be faced with the prospect of legislation that is not in our collective best interest. WE the people are all shareholders in this situation. 

The members of Congress know how important access to health care is. Their coverage is not going to change. They decided that their right to this particular benefit far outweighs yours or mine. So, you might want to stop using your pre-existing condition as a motivational point for them to reconsider their actions. They do not give a damn about your well-being. If that was true they would have stepped up to the population with a real plan to improve services instead of chiding all us of for not being perfectly healthy human beings. 

We will not know what the final bill looks like. If current drafts are any accurate indication of the direction healthcare will move in, there will be people who need access and will no longer have it. If that ends up being you, just remember that this is what you sanctioned to happen.

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