Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Notes from Self-Care as a form of resistance pt. 1

Self-care was my first choice as an act of resistance to the change of governing leadership. A self-imposed exile that was designed to provide me with seventy-two hours to do a serious mental douche.

I felt no need to join in any form of protest. The outcries of "Resist"! Did not move me to join any visible form of action to express my dissenting views.

I am an aging Black American Woman

This reality has the reasons why resistance is a part of the woman's work that I perform. My home training started the preparations for this role. I have performed acts of resistance over various issues throughout the course of my lifetime.

The upcoming days hold no different reasons why I should not continue the practice. 

I needed time away from the fray. Time to organize my thoughts and to remove all of the gunk and residues of a toxic spew that was thick in the atmosphere around my Black Womanhood.

One of the things that I decided to stop doing was giving up my commodities of time and energy to the attention-getting tactics of the head of the government. He is a glutton for attention and it is obvious that he will use any form of negative behavior to attain his daily fix. I refuse to fuse my energy into the lures that he uses unless it is regarding actual policies. 

Boycotting the events of his transition into office was not a problem. I did not intend to waste time watching or listening to any of the proceedings. 

Please do not get it twisted, my decision has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton losing the election. My choice has everything to do with the fact that his behavior and attitudes are unacceptable to me period. 

My self-care session was created to help me connect the expansion of growth that I have experienced over the course of 2016 to my core values. I wanted to make sure that my upgraded levels of knowledge were infused into those values. 

I also wanted to be clear on what type of resistance work I wanted to be engaged in. I have been making a shift towards issues involving older women as a stakeholder in what type of outcomes will occur in terms of policies. 

The type of resistance work that I want to be engaged in has its roots in the idea that I want to work smarter and not harder. During the hours when being "woke" has to translate out into action, I want to be sure that my resources are being utilized and distributed properly.

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