Saturday, October 1, 2016

From My Brown Eyed View October 1, 2017

My publication plans were disrupted by two separate events during the week of September 19th.

The first event was the shooting death of Tyre King in the community where I reside in Columbus, Ohio. The emotions that this young teens death stirred inside of me were not easy to handle. 

The second event was my mom’s health crisis moment.

My mom thought that she had a mini-stroke while she was asleep. Her left hand was limp and she was not able to do any fine motor movement. She decided to go the ER to be checked out. A decision to admit her to hospital for observation and testing yielded a surprising result about her physical health. The limp hand ended up being the result of a pinched nerve. An undetected problem was discovered regarding her physical health. I want to share more about this in a separate post because the information may help someone with older relatives. 

I make no apologies for missing the launch. Once you have read the two posts that give details about these events, you will realize that I am vulnerable to real human moments, and I will allow myself the necessary time to process what is happening. 

Now that my thoughts have settled, it is time to move forward. 

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