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I have spent the majority of my time over this weekend writing out my thoughts on the traumatic events of last week and how I really feel about this nation. 

Late night Friday was the moment that my internal alarm system went off with a warning that my E-N-O-U-G-H meter had gone into overload and it was time to attend to my personal well being.

I closed every open tab on my laptop. Opened up my media library and went straight to Winter in America by Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. While the opening notes of Peace Go With You Brother filled the atmosphere, I opened up Word and started to unleash the load of feelings that I had. 

This is part one: American Me

American me is exhausted. I am tired of dealing with the same issues over and over again because of the unwillingness on the part of white privilege to accept the truth.

American me is tired of the results that come with not dealing with a true problem in a manner that brings forth a resolve. 

American me is not willing to continue working in the position of firefighter inside of this burning house because it is toxic and deadly to continue to try and put out flames that are not of our making. Sorry Martin, but I find your solution to be less than adequate in our current circumstances.

American me finds it annoying as hell that the REAL AMERICANS would dare to utter Dr. King's name to protect them from our wrath over injustices that they have committed and then act like we are supposed to shrink back from having a confrontation because it makes them uncomfortable. Imagine what it is like to live with this sense of feeling everyday. 

American me has now officially run out of patience with the idea that we have to accept being tired with no recourse that is going to stop the violation of our rights.

Get a clue about how tired really manifests its presence when the melting pot reaches hotter than July temperatures. It scums up and then boils over into acts against humanity. 

Who is to blame for this latest killing spree happening? 
Are we really surprised that shots were fired back? 

I don't see how that can possible because failing to move the conversation beyond race relations has left the door open for this type of violence to occur again and again. It is time to move past this allowance and work on a solution that is going create an accountable situation in our lives. 

It seems that the resistance to the truth is a good place to start because this is where we loose every time. The idea that if we would just be docile and humble ourselves before the law nothing will happen is not true. It does not matter what we are doing or how we conduct ourselves the outcome of an instant death sentence seems to be an acceptable answer.

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